More sticky threads!

Ok this is a rebellion lol. Don’t you think we need some sticky topics ?

-Dynamic Duos (please for gods sake make a thread for this, clickbait king)
-Who should i put this shoe on?
-Card reviews

@Ryan @DaNali @HarryLundt

Only one I think we need is a thread for MT transaction posting. I think we should let them all fend for themselves at this point in a pinned thread with a description letting them know it’s at their own risk. Maybe we can provide guidelines or directions in which they can best prevent being scammed.

Duo threads are really annoying though :frowning: every damn one is a clickbait.
Shoe threads are also kinda popular and it can be combined.

Thing about Pinned topics is that too many is sort of a spam itself and, also, people can unpin stuff.

Pinning I think doesn’t solve as much as having Categories that one could go Normal/Mute on. But we also need to be judicious about not creating too many Categories.

I personally Mute “Classifieds” and only manually look at it from time to time. When I see something that should be Classifieds, I change it. It annoys the shit out of me and sometimes I almost want to just Close mis-categorized shit and have a blanket instruction to check FAQ/rules/whatever.

The only sticky I want is for these “I hate this game” rage threads.


I think we can maybe tell people to make sure to put “What Shoe” posts in “Lineups.” That might help.

There’s no end to annoying shit. Just the nature of things. But if one tries to create too much structure, then it can be kind of stifling and also creates a ton of housework for admins.

We need this for that instead of a thread.

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We do need to find a way for things to be more organized, especially regarding MT and classifieds. The duos are annoying, I understand, but we can honesty delete those and redirect.

2kmtc should be used for MT selling — not this forum.

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I think one big issue is people to properly categorizing various “advertisements” as “Classified.”

But even though I’m someone who basically rages at this sort of annoyance, once I muted Classifieds, I don’t feel like it’s a big deal.

For those of you who find the MT selling and whatnot too annoying…have you Muted the Classifieds category?

Then let’s add an advice post under the classifieds section regarding guidelines and best direction to sell MT or buy MT without getting scammed .

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I think this is a good idea. If you or anyone else wants to write it, I will change what is pinned as the top post for Classifieds, presuming @2KGamer is cool with that.

I think we should also perhaps have a permanent pinned “FAQ” topic globally that is more about the nitty gritty side of etiquette than the existing FAQ, which is also “hard to find” for newbs/the lazy. Anyone who is well versed in how stuff is done here can always unpin it. People still will ignore it, but might help at least a little with better etiquette.


Is there a way to add rep or vouches next to the users name?


I will.

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great idea

We need a 2k sucks/venting thread, a lineup suggestion thread, a review thread, a diamond shoe request thread etc

Just my personal opinion these things:

  1. 2K Sucks Thread: this makes sense. But people will still start up random threads, so it’ll be a housekeeping issue.

  2. Review Thread: I actually think this makes sense to not consolidate in one thread. Have one thread per player/card. Maybe have a category just for these, but otherwise put them in Guides for now. @2KGamer: maybe make the “Guides” category “Guides & Reviews”?

  3. Diamond Shoe Request Thread: I already made a topic for this. But I just pinned it until end of month. Let me know how you think this goes…

I’m against adding a sticky thread for every subject, what’s the point of posting a new thread then? We’d only have those 4-5 sticky ones. I get that there are always people asking about what shoe to use on what player for example but like Harry said , posting in the same thread again and again is kinda like spamming, who’s gonna keep track and scroll to comment 323 to get his answer. If you post a comment on a sticky, the next comment you see, you’ll think that’s to you, but you go in and it’s directed to the person who posted 6 messages earlier to yours, and people don’t often press “reply” per comment or at least you can’t depend on them doing so. It’s nice to interact with different people in different threads, because let’s face it, only a selected few will still be around in the sticky ones vs those who just need a quick answer and we should not deprive them from that. That being said, maybe just keep advising people on where to classify their thread under and to include all necessary details.
Also while at it, @2KGamer maybe it’s time for site designers to implement paging rather than scrolling endlessly, not that I find it annoying, I actually like it and find it user friendly but gets out of hand when there are 200+ comments, I should probably put this in a suggestion thread somewhere.
Overall, site is great, just needs continuous small tweaks to keep things under control and more intriguing, team members are on top if it here too tbf

I was thinking 1 thread, and u can add each individual review to the original post in a neat alphabetical drop down menu. so if u click Michael jordan his review drops down.

A review would eliminate all the threads about hows this guy hows that guy? id find myself going to the review section first