More PD on the way

Looks like more new content on the way. Ronnie just tweeted another PD coming. This has to be pg24 right? 2k really trying to milk all the money possible from this game

PG13, if I had to guess.

please no more locker codes
ive missed every code since the beginning even tho i saw the tweets 2 mins in

Most of them last much less. You need to get the Tweet pretty much instantly and assume you need to finish input 10 to 20 seconds after.

wish i’d get the possibility…
the app cant connect
same goes for my ps… and when i finally logged in i get the “this batch is already gone” or whatever it says

this twitter bs by ronnie is the most disrespectful and unprofessianal thing i’ve ever seen


He seriously fucks over people with live auctions by tweeting shit out

the only cards that would make my lineup change are probably Diamond Unseld or Diamond PG, not really interested in the rest since there are so many cards already like even a PD Wade wouldnt change something maybe unless he got all shooting badges and dimer which he wont so i can just use one of Westbrook/Wall/Oladipo/Penny/Baron…

think we get a Lakers PG13?

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Pink Diamond Frank Ntilikina :heart_eyes: no love ever for Knicks fans…

the app will die for sure…