Moon walk dribble move

I have started to learn this kind of ISo steezo dribbling today ,
I’m bored with 2k … and in the mood to start to doing this “glitchy “ move and this type of iso on my team ! It’s challenging and fun , people would like this type of dribbling videos on my team ?
I don’t even know !

and mfs wonder why people offball lol

Oh this is funny :joy: and I think freeze the cpu too

oh lord.

Hell yea, make more videos with breakdowns

How do you do it?

There is probably videos on this , i ve learn by myself but all the Move it’s on the left stick .
You do a simple cross without turbo to ball hand , and after you gold turbo with the left stick diagonal down ( the player start to move in backwards ) and you rotate the left stick up . I will search for tutorials