Monitor for 2k

this answer make any sense ?

Yes it does, input lag is a real thing, especially in consoles it’s a lot, consider that if your shot is around 700ms long and your input lag (monitor+ping) is around 70ms (which is the average input lag with standard TVs and internet connection) you have a huge discrepancy between when you press the button and when in reads the input (in this case is 1/10 of the shot’s lenght, which in most of the cases is more then the entire green window!)
So yes, buying a gaming monitor and using a decent internet connection will help you a lot in perceiving more fluidly the game.

Sorry if i wasn’t clear enough, unfortunely english is not my native language

Yes I understand that ! My doubt it’s why I’m gettin earlier on monitor and as soon I change for my tv I get lates , like the tv have a faster shot when playing there !
And this guy explain me that I get more earlier on a monitor but doesn’t look to make sense for me .
I thinking to return my monitor , but maybe this the way for every monitor and I will trade this for another and lost time for nothing

You need a monitor with a fast response time to get the benefits.

Here’s a good starting place:


I ve an ASUS VG248QZ ! With 1ms input and 144 hz( I now Ps4 don’t supoort )


It makes sense, I had the same feeling when I changed since I understood the monitor was answering quicker than the TV. It’s not slower it’s how you should time it. Get used to it and you’ll see the difference.


Earlier too ?

Try an element tv then try a monitor

Think Im about to grab one today. I need it for PS5 anyway.

Since I ve changed to a monitor , I can’t miss ! It was tuff to adapt but it’s way better

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Thats good to hear. You got yours in store or online? From everything I read here and other places is basically anything with 1ms is fine.

How does on ball feel? (I dont really on ball). Im sure it has to feel more responsive.

Yes, you should not use OLED/QLED and IPS, only TN, preferably 120-144+ HZ. They will work at 60 HZ with PS4/BOX, but well-tested.

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Why not?
I don’t see panel technology mattering here.

Do you know people from eSports shooters from who do not use TN?))

its 1st link in google

Grab a 70 dollar monitor at Wal Mart. I had a 200 dolalr Ben Q and this 70 dollar monitor and it is the same difference.

Sorry, but I don’t get your point here. Why exactly do you think panel technology matters once you get desired refresh rate?
144Hz is still same whether you use TN or IPS or whatever else.

From what I understand you want TN for the lowest possible input lag…IPS adds some lag. I have read quite a bit on this and you are correct…you dont need a 144 Hz monitor for console gaming.

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Nah bro, it’s not like that.
Only advantage TN has it goes to goes to refresh rates beyond IPS as far as I know.

it’s just that 120-144 are exactly for gaming and verified, 60 are now in the super budget segment, usually the most bad matrixes are put there, so I don’t advise.

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