Money plays from Mavs playbook?

I’ve been losing close games in the 4th quarter due to my offense getting stagnant and my opponent being familiar with my tendencies. So I was thinking of practicing some go to plays I can run late in the game, but not sure which ones to use. Right now I have the Mavs playbook, which plays do yall recommend using, preferably 3pt plays.

2KU, go practice them.

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Can we change the playbooks in 2kU?

Nah dont think so, gotta use the team

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You can create a custom roster and trade all your myteam guys to the mavs :man_shrugging:t4: 2k is lazy lol

Can we use that custom team in 2ku tho?

You can change playbooks in 2ku. Go to coaching sliders in the pause menu and scroll to the bottom. Wish there was an option in myteam to use your team to run plays so you know what is available for your players.

Mr. 2k going over Some mavs money plays. I used this early in the year but cpu runs over most of the screens in these plays. Loop and flares are much more effective this year, so I abandoned the mavs

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Which playbook do you use now?

Switching between warriors pelicans and magic.

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The game is great, but people still play like idiots post 23 @Manulous be dropping heat but gets underlooked so does @DjEfx it’s so many “money plays” on this site already it’s crazy.

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Which one has the best 3pt plays in your opinion? I have the Wiz/Magic and some are ok but a lot the AI picks up on.

Magic probably has the best one for me. Punch 5 flare rip, iso 32 quick, and the 2 quick flare plays are all pretty decent. Quick 3 scissor is nice too but eats up so much of the clock.


Good lookin

I don’t think I’ve ran iso 32 quick need to check that one out. Punch 5 flare Rip is hella money nobody knows it’s comjng if you don’t spam it. Scissor play does take a while to branch out.

Iso 32 quick has 3 options. Sometimes the first pass, you can get an open 3, if not the person that passed the ball comes down for a handoff which can lead to an open jumper, but the money is actually the 3rd option which is the shooter in the opposite corner who comes off a double screen

Who’s it called for?

One of the best new 3pt plays is Quick 14 Horns Give from the Grizzlies playbook. It’s a more well disguised Quick 4 Horns Flare. I haven’t had anyone stop it consistently yet. Only problem is that the play breaks fairly often.

It’s an isolation play, so the first option is the player you call it for and typically the shooting guard or small forward is the 3rd option depending who the intial passer is, if that makes sense haha

I call it for peja at the 2, then passes to the 3 which is melo and if hes not open, hold it for awhile and in the right corner its open for stockton who is cash

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