Money plays for MyTeam 2k22

WHAT ARE THE MONEY PLAYS FOR MYTEAM? ( I’m Looking for plays like PUNCH 5 FLARE RIP, QUICK HORNS FLARE 4) help me please & thank you!

A couple of plays have been removed, Quick 3 STS in particular. 2K has screwed up and ruined a lot of the good playbooks too.



Celtics playbook was goated for a min

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there is one that ty did a video on, you dont really need one though

Ok well does anyone has or know a playbook particular for 3 point shooters to get wide open ? If so drop the team of the playbook and if it’s classic the year of the playbook.

Found my playbook for the year most likely.

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What do you run with ?

Which one, mate?

Probably gunna run clippers again this year

Looks like off-ball screens are the wave in this meta. Knicks playbook as a few great double off ball screens - Quick Point 2, Quick Point 4, Quick Knicks.

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lmao this dude. How u just gonna leave it at that


If you run the Knicks playbook, one of the plays is glitched that causes the defenders to get caught up in the corner.

Do you know which one? Might be Quick Point 2 but doesn’t work all the time…

Playbooks will be very important if defence stays this good. Lakers, Mavs, Nets, Warriors are getting expensive already. I like Raptors alot.

Any current PB, even on auto playcalling is working perfectly right now if u playing with patient, not rushing anything.
Open shots are going in too easily imo.

I am rusty (and stupid) how do you turn on auto play calling again ?

Coach settings

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my word, this was my most used play. "k done messed up the game. They need to bring the celtics playbook back, it was one of the best

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13 heat is the same playbook quick 4, punch 5, etc

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I can’t find the ‘13 heat playbook . That means nobody is selling it ?