Money Badges

Hey Ballers,

So - wondering if you can save me some time - outside of DRD and Limitless Range, MR Deadeye - what are the money badges?


What do you mean by “money”? You mean generally most impactful for gameplay, or most expensive?

I’ll tell you my opinion…if you edit your topic title!

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Haha honey badges


I like honey badges tho.


Honey Badger?


Haha - I mean the ones that usually sell for the most.

Do the honour of changing it :slight_smile: honey badges don’t give a f***! :slight_smile:

Do you not have a “Pencil” icon next to your title? If so, then you can click on it and edit your title.

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The Honey Badger was one of my fav guns in cod. Great thread.



Alright - we have killed puns in the name of knowledge - give me my honey please

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Limitless and DRD are generally going to be the most expensive. Limitless more than DRD. D-Stopper is probably the only other badge that I’d say can regularly be “expensive.” But all badges can have spikes here and there.

In general, badge prices have been “low” for quite a while. I think the VC glitch has fucked badged speculation pretty hard. Too many packs being opened. People already have the badges they need, and there is too much supply of surplus.

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Usually if an op cards came out and if it lacks some important badge for example dimer, rim protector, catch&s etc this prices will skyrocket.
But yea, generally def stopper, limitless and drd the expensive ones.

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Thanks guys @stdavid91

On this topic, Dimer has been mystifyingly cheap basically all cycle long.

I also think that Brick Wall is too cheap, but I guess that’s just because we haven’t yet gotten to Guard/Wing cards that are so stacked with badges that putting Brick Wall on, at any cost, is sensible.

I put brick wall to almost all of my players including guards. It is more effective for them to set screens right?

Correct. And pretty much all positions set screens, if you use plays/actions with off-ball action.

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Yes. Thats why I give them those badges. I was wondering if pick pocket really works for bigmen since they are usually in the paint and bigmen dont usually handle the ball. Is pick pocket effective for a 89 steal rating Ralph Sampson?

I think most think it’s productive to add.

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I also put dimer on ralph and marc gasol since I have plays using them to pass to a shooter. I havent put pick pocket though.

Dimer is all but mandatory for every single player on the court.


Thats weird on PC they where available in bunches, but since X-Mas there have been almost no badges up and prices have skyrocketed.