Monday moments/locker code ๐Ÿ‘€ drop?

What time do yโ€™all think weโ€™ll get the new content/codes drop? Also, is it likely weโ€™ll get that 75 tokens code today too?

10 am PT if same as before

are we thinking itโ€™s going to be a legit player or a code that gives a ball drop. Iโ€™m leaning towards a ball drop and it being one of the packs similar to the pack you would exchange tokens for. I just dont see them handing out Diamond players.


Last year they did. U never know with this fucking company lol

Imagine Klay on right corner and KAT next to it, this forum would go to cocoon of eternity with the amount of rage :smile:


I bet they are going to release a pack where you can pull any previous moments. That way, they are making some sort of revenue off of this move.


Good thing I sold my diamond Curry for a profit last night :slight_smile:

Try out Mobley dude, budget beast 3k cost. Ninja release can also dunk.

They had this in the token market.

I bet itโ€™s a locker code for that pack.

Enjoy the 100 mt


make sure youve got the app loaded up early guys

PD Kat code incoming ?


they said to have your notifications on, so Iโ€™m guessing its a timed code not a ball drop

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Ronnie has to take him out to dinner again



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They just creating hype.

As much as 2K loves to regress I doubt itโ€™s a time code.

Hopefully itโ€™s not a timed codeโ€ฆsome people have to work :confused:

Is it comfirmed a timed code? Where yโ€™all getting this info

So are we thinking 15 mins?

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From a galaxy far far away.

Is this confirmed a code?