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Super packs have now become the staple of Monday’s this season so far. Promo, IDOLS, Flash are the 3 we’ve had so far. Expecting to see something like OOP super packs or something like that today.

However, I’m hoping we may get moments cards. Guys like Terance Mann and Khris Middleton need some new cards. What do y’all think?

Season Rewind Super Pack? :thinking:


God I hope so. I need those prices to be lowered big time for those guys


REWIND Super packs will make people buy VC and remove lots of MT of the market due to the crash of those cards.

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Yeah that’s what I’m hoping too.

We have about 10 minutes until we can confirm there are no new cards today.

I mean give it like 20 mins. Sometimes they’re a little late but most likely if we don’t hear something soon then yes nothing today

Yeah Rewind Super packs is the obvious choice

What have they done so far?


I wouldn’t be surprised if we get OOP packs (OOP cards weren’t counted in the Promo packs), but yeah I REALLY hope it’s rewind

extincted invincible cards can be put back intoall these super packs, but not the season rewind ones i suppose? so unless the season rewind super packs can be purchased with MT not VC, i dont see much people ripping these packs still

random guess: conference super packs… lol idek. they’ll start with eastern

edit: rewind is best case scenario for you blake guys.

@mattpoz remember that grind i was talking about before i left for vacation? yeah that didn’t happen :rofl:

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Think they’re just doing superpacks. Wouldn’t be mad if they did rewind.

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The possibilities I see:

Duo :face_vomiting:

I was hoping for moments cards at least. But the only thing I got was disappointment.

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Season Rewind super packs would be good but aren’t they normally VC only? Every time I’ve seen Super Packs (VC only) the market doesn’t crash (I’m assuming no one opens them). There might be a bit more supply but not sure it’d drastically reduce the prices. More likely the prices would spike as people decide this is the best time for them to do the challenge

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I would love a DUO update, or maybe an EVO update on some cards, we’re at that point where those could be possible, or give me a Chris Paul invincible card since he’s the real mvp of the season

I’m pretty bummed that jokic is getting the invincible pg/c card I just wanted a dm jokic to be buyable with out locking in


So, no new cards or anything, right?

Probably just some type of superpack?

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oop and fan fav…. interesting

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