Moments Today?

Any chance we get some moments card today? I’m hoping for a new Tatum and a Theis for my Celtics squad. What are you guys hoping we get for moments?


I’m guessing yes we’ll get some moments cards today. A Tatum is possible, a Beal for sure for his 50.

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Coby White for da all Bulls squad


I think in general the Moments cards we’ve been getting are really watered down. On my ratings sheet many of them clock in very low whereas Prime/Promo cards are actually better than their tier. This Westbrook card is a good example, he rates higher than GO Penny and GO Parker, where a 97 Kyrie is way lower than both, and the new Trae Young 98 is super low.

If they drop a 97 or 98 Tatum today I’ll run him through my sheet, and I bet you it’s not very good. His 96 PD comes in at 84.42 which is not really usable right now. He’ll need to be at least a 90 in my ratings to be viable I think.


Cj McCollum as well

Embiid should have got one Friday.

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Wait until tonight. He’ll need 50 and 20 with Ben and Tobias both out injured. That would be a crazy PD card.

What time do Moments usually drop? Later in the day, right?

1pm EST usually

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Beal gonna get one fo sho

His diamond was nice very smooth release

My guess is not for a while. Kobe memorial today

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Beal with HOF Clamps could be a sleeper. Not sure how he’ll be better than Buddy, but for very cheap he’s intriguing

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Tatum, Beal and McCollum on collections


Fr? damn

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I need theis!

Celtics fans on MTDB right now


Already in packs. Also Amy White


Datz me!

Care to spill da beans about Tatum? What rating? If you can see the card, any indications about his defense or badges? Thanks brotha