Moments Predictions (2/4/2019)

I’m thinking PD Paul George, AMY John Collins.

Anyone I missed? (No, Dame is NEVER getting a moments card).


Gotta diamond that John Collins!

Collins w/ the 35 and 16… Impressive stuff!


PG, Embiid, John the Baptist, and Rudy Gobert are due for one

They gonna give Gobert HOF Tear Dropper?


Trae might get an AMY

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Gimme dame with HOF Limitless and maybe, just maybe 2k, I’ll forgive you for all of your bs this year

We may get a LeBron momnets from the game against gsw


I personally don’t think PG did enough

40 OVR for DNP

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I’m with you, even though I desperately want a PD George. That said, I think Ronnie mentioned it onstream over the weekend.

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If he doesn’t have a headband, then this is highway robbery here

I really want a PD Paul George


Can’t forget diamond buddy hield

Probably a Lou Will from yesterday

Definitely PD PG

I think we’re due for a few more diamond Kyrie cards


Khris Middleton needs one…cuz he’s an all star and only has a sapphire. Brook hit 7/9 shots last game. Dj Wilson has the best game of his career as well. But 2k hates the bucks so no moments for them.

Idk why they changed up on who gets a PD. I remember earlier in the year it was like 50+ points for a PD or like a huge triple double, now it’s like a player can get 40+ and get a PD

Seems like it’s also the accumulation of moments.