Moments Opal Damian Lillard, PD Malik Monk

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It the only way to get these cards is through the token market? I miss when there was an agenda to do to get it for free.

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I am not a fan of Lillard’s cards in 2k, but this one might be worth a shot for 250 tokens (assuming that’s what he goes for, not in front of my console atm).

Compared to the all star Opal, this has 5 additional HOFs (including Limitless Takeoff, Handles for Days and Clamps, that could not be updated to HOF on the all star) and release on VQ - not a bad improvement

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The Dame is a great card. Good shot, very quick. And he dribbles way different.

I have 3K tokens. I’m thinking whether to get new Lillard or not. I got his previous moment card, did not used it much though.

Getting them just for Collector’s Level.

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I really like this Dame card. He has ok D, 99 with a D shoe.

He id 6’2 but I hate the fact that all players under 6’6 are not playable in 2k so he will be my PG for a while. I also have 98 Luka (so much fun) and Kidd

Card looks solid.
Stats are not too bad at all and MJ Dribble Style I love.
I gotta say this might easily be my new PG

Still have my Goat D.Rose as my PG (bench is free stockton) , maybe i will consider that Dame card (only play offline)
5 is DRose96/Redd96/JJohnson98/Giannis99/Bam98

Have you tried the Galactic Spotlight Challeges? They are easier and more fun than I thought. Both Majorie and Cedi are better than Redd and much more fun to play with. Kidd is likely better than DRose as well.

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Nope havent tryed , i might take a look at it thanks