Moments KD - Sell LeBron?

With a diamond KD pretty much inevitable, should I be selling first moments Bron? It’s not that I want to Pick up KD as such as I think he will be out of price range but I know Bron is going for quite alot atm. Mine has the white kobe’s and contract.

I sold my other diamonds in preparation so…

I see no reason to keep diamonds having less than 3 hof badges unless they’re a part of a premium set you need.
These swarovski cards loose value too quickly.

I don’t think some of them lose too much value because of the stature of their cards, LeBron is high market, but i bought mine for 100k so wondered if it was worth selling now for 140+

Yea i made 550k on those Lebrons lol.

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Huge W man

Too bad i didn’t collect some of those pd Kembas who were bin tho.

Have they gone up now too? Last time I checked he wasn’t bin anymore but still only 110-120k

Few trash badges and contracts 10k profit each easily.

How you feel about diamond klay though?

Bought for 270, sold around 350. We had a decent relationship back in the day lol.

What price would ya guess klay sits at in 8 weeks?

Between 300-400, closer to 300 in crashes till a better Klay is released his price will not change much. Never did in previous games.

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