Moments: Galaxy Opal Jamal Murray


I’ve been waiting for this. Let me see those stats.

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Check your profile pic😏

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Jamal Murray is my favorite player in the NBA, I just hope they made him good.

lemme guess the dia ingram is the same as the draft one



any challenges for these or nah?

You don’t need the moment cards, just any version and few heat check cards for nets/wizards

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oh wow they actually made ingram better


but bertans can’t get a moments card? nice


He would be a godly stretch four


and the wizards team would actually have a decent big

Rozier interesting easy my backup SG

You mean that 2k lineup with only wizards players🤣

Whoa what the heck was not expecting this

I stick with Jeremy lin and save my mt.:+1:

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I mean I’m not complaining but now I need to decide do I buy Murray until Luka drops in price

And the pack luck continues…

You have to play a mix of off and online games for the Diamond Arenas for the Golden Age set. Welpp…I’ll just have to get smacked around while learning in the process because I need that card.

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Ok…I’m going to the casinos now


Sell them asap!!! Buy back later . I did that when I pulled fred and he was 300k then and he 115k now.

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