Moments from this Weekend? [3/8-3/10]

PD Lillard - 51 Pts
Diamond Lou Will - 40 pts,
Diamond Booker - 37 pts, 11 asts, 8 reb.
Ruby Danilo Gallinari - 34 pts
Ruby Marvin Williams - 30 pts, 7 reb
Sapphire Damyean Dotson - 26 pts
Sapphire Kevin Huerter - 27 pts


KAT for 40 pts

I just hope as many cards as possible.

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We’ll get a “Big drop” of 3 of those.


John Collins and maybe another trae young for the triple double

Any bets lillard getting snubbed


Moritz Wagner, first time Lakers starting five, 22 points.

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I hope we get all Emeralds of these guys. 800K each and plus 7 cards for collection

If those emeralds go for 800k each, I’ll rip a few packs :rofl::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

haha me 2!! So yea Emeralds for 800 MT each is preferred. But if they are gonna go for 800K then even better- give me an excuse to rip HC packs to get the glitched guys.

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