Moments Drop Today (Monday, 1/7/2019)

Hoping for a PD Anthony Davis I could use backup of to replace Lucas.

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PD Ad is Great but Anniv Series 2 Got PD Ad right?


Very true, but we already have a PD Harden, and Harden will have a guaranteed Anniversary 3 card.

That’s why I think that this AD will be a 96-97 PD while his Anniversary card will be 98.

Harden’s Anniversary card will probably be GO.


Hahaha yeah but anniv series 2 is near compared to 3. Who knows who will they drop first.

Anything confirmed or is it still 50/50?


Here we go again

Speculation but C’mon if it’s not tonight it’s never

Until we actually get something…we ain’t getting shit.


I thought moments Kawhi would be good but he went 0-3 from 3 the game he got his career high so 2k probably gonna give him a 50 3 ball lol knowing this year lol

you would think we were guaranteed to get moments today. it’s been like 2 weeks since the last batch.

I really want a Westbrook that can at least hit midrange

2k does this every year. Maybe the moments guy is in an annual staff meeting or something, but some reason or another they will go weeks without dropping them

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I didn’t play 18 but 17 moments Cards came out within the next day usually

It’s mostly guaranteed but hiccups happen

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You really need to stop. You’re a very unconvincing troll. You’re on a 2K community forum pretending to be a 2K employee by defending a company which employs some of the shadiest and worst customer-serving tactics in the industry. Just quit while you’re ahead.

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Nah they went a while without dropping Moments in 18 lol

Went 2 weeks once but they dropped 30 cards in the drop

These HC cards were supposed to be like the Dynamic rating cards from 2K16, but that shit failed just like those did. Just give us the damn moments and don’t drop ratings past the base. It’s so simple.

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Actually, they were communicated as cards which would get a boost lasting for 48 hours, depending on the performance they had to warrant the initial boost.

Dynamic Rating Cards from 2K16 improved or declined throughout the year to where a breakout player would see a massive increase in Overall by year’s end.

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I knew HC cards wouldn’t get the proper updates. Sad but true

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