Moments DM Tatum and KPJ, Opal Sabonis, Lonzo and Lowry + Agenda Rewards Kukoc

today is Monday and we know that today we will get a free opal from the challenges

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I personally think that it could be Bob Pettit, there’s always an opal reward version of him and he’s also a PF. His last card came out in december so maybe is time for getting and updated one


It will probably be a usable card, 30+ hof, but nothing special, another card you’ll forget about next week with the launch of the next season, like most of the “free” reward cards from 2k that aren’t long grind related.


I still use Clyde off my bench!!!
Make one card Clyde-like usable and I will be very very happy :grin:


He is usable but you can get much better card for a very little amount of MT atm…

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True, but also his card art is cool :joy::joy: better than a grindable bun like D Vlade Divac

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Season of giving was a pure trash, especially Baron and Divac.

pf/sf tom gugliotta is my guess

I remember DBG saying how nice it would be if it was Jalen Rose SF/PG, that would be fantastic, lol. I wouldn’t even care if he only had gold range, as long as he has some good dribble sigs like last year’s Opal I would take him.

I would even take a Big Dog Glen Robinson, or something like that. So many cards we haven’t gotten since 2020.

I hope its MPJ or Jonathan Isaac but idk if they make the card that good.

Oh, they’re saving those 2 for the first drop of next season or some time during the summer. They would be huge pack-sellers, no way they would give those guys away for free -6’10 with insane wingspan and handles, yeah that would be a GG

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Josh Smith would be a huge W. A defensive beast that can attack the rim and will be able to hang with the best cards in the game without being super cheesy. He perfectly fits the bill for a free opal for 2k to give out, plus we are LONG overdue for a new J Smoove


I’m looking for a dunking machine that can shoot relatively well and josh smith and Tom gugliotta fit that perfectly. My dream guy tho is Bob Pettit because he is my favorite player in MyTEAM each year

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Fax if it’s mo bamba, kpj, or a 7’0 + wingspan player I’d be fire with it

Could be a Christian Laettner to pair with Ferry :rofl:

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I lowkey wouldn’t mind opal Eddie Jones

I guarantee its a midget PG like bob cousy

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The two Duke white boys that everybody hates lol.


That’s exactly why I’m waiting to see the card before I finish the nurk challenges because I don’t need the xp anymore

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i just have weird feeling it could be like Toni Kukoc or something