Moments Challenge Dissapears?

Do moments challenge disappear? What was last week? II though all weekly challenge/shed/moments stays all year?

Oh shit…I think they do. Quite sure they do. I think the first Moment Challenge was some one about Ayton. Pretty sure that’s gone and there’s only one PvCpu one up in it’s place.

The MT bounties are pretty good so worth the time to grind.

So only the Moments disappear? I think I did that Ayton then I played this Moment challenge this week. So only 2 Moments Challenge so far?

I think yes, though I don’t know if there hasn’t been a 3rd.

The first challenge was to beat the suns for like 2000 MT, and the second was to heat a team of pink diamond lebron a for a free league pack.

I think they delete the old challenges when a new one appears, so there’s no set time limit. I know the autonomy challenge was up for over a week if I recall correctly.

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