Mo Cheeks TDIH


Thank you

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This shits Cheeks


Let’s pray for those tokens boys

3 tokens fml

The only thing I like about this is the card art tbh

Didn’t remember that Mo Cheeks was cut like that. My mans is chiseled.

Mo-Ments :thinking:
PD Giannis Confirmed :rofl:

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This card is nice :joy::joy: too bad he’s so short.

3 tokens :sob:

Got a MyPlayer named Moe Buckets. :upside_down_face:

Woah Cousin of Jimmy Buckets :rofl:

He’s like a shorter, unathletic version version of Gary Payton that can’t shoot.

gets a tdih card for assist but doesn’t have hof dimer

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Yeah, with a better jumper. Moe’s jimmy is wetter than Jimmy’s. :joy:

someone post board

Does this mean no moments cards? Locker codes usually come on days with no new content

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I am the only person excited by this. Got eeeeem for the Sixers squad. HOF pick pocket, defensive stopper, and pick dodger, and Floor General. If he was only a bit taller, running him and Bobby Jones together gives you some serious D. Great handle, average speed shot release.


this card is CHEEKS

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