Mlb the show 21 (PlayStation +Xbox)

99 griffey will take all my stubbs

I love the Zack Greinke signature card. He’s been one of my favorite pitchers forever. Just played a ranked season game and had a perfect game through six innings before he quit.

I love his speed mix on his pitches. The fastball is mid 90s, most others are mid 80s and his curveball is 69 mph. I kept the curveball hidden until the 5th inning and then started using it to generate a ton of swings and misses. Sometimes people struggle with slow pitchers when they’re used to having to play against outlier pitchers all day.


why fernando velenzuela is so fucking hard to hit lol

Currently rockin

99 Soriano LF
96 Trout CF
99 Acuna RF
99 Chipper 3B
99 Wander SS
99 Jackie 2B
99 Vladdy 1B
98 Realmuto C
99 Ohtani P

Only thing i dislike is theres too many righties. Chipper and Wander are switch hitters so thats good. And the righties hit left well too. I just ideally would prefer RLRLRSRS etc.

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this is why schwarber is so important rn imo. especially with the new RHP meta of degrom, ohtani, and cabrera

You could replace soriano with the new Harper too



Bryce is a menace, I’ve been waiting for this card. I thought Kenley was going to have better H/9 but Posada will be fun to use again even though the contact isn’t there compared to his other card.


yessir, im sticking Bryce in LF until he’s P5 and Acuna is P3, then I will put Bryce in RF

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Strike Zone. It’s the most zoomed in look, and at least for me, it helps me see the low ones better.

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BRYCE!!! :muscle: Cant wait - Bart Scott voice

By the time I win a 100 BR games I would have spent 200K on fees I’ll just buy Kenley call it a day.

Do the BR missions so you don’t have to win a 100 games makes it a lot easier .


Thanks Joey didn’t even know there was such a thing as BR missions


Can someone explain what it means when the pitch attribute meters go into the red like this?

It’s just a visual representation on the gradient scale. The ‘colder’ the color, the lower the rating as the ‘hotter’ the color, the higher the rating.

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who is this? What weird velocities- hardest pitch is a slider and changeup is faster than fastball? A 63MPH curve? Craziness

for real lol

I never really do BR because I like my team lol but any tips for BR? like what to do with the pitchers and stuff like that?

That’s showing the break not the velocity

damn it i mnever read it all and shit like that always happens to me