Mlb the show 21 (PlayStation +Xbox)

you guys driving my prices up!!

Eh, I’m not. I don’t care about having everything day one. I saved “TONS of STUBS” by just waiting. I just finished Mariano two days ago. I was able to do so by just waiting for more cards to get released and then when the market tanked, I pounced. I don’t like doing all these speculative adds that could blow up in my face just so I can get a card day one.

I’ll play with my almost as good cards until I can afford the big one.

That being said, I now have 120 Paul Goldschmidts and I’m continuing to buy more and more. Hoping to have around 250 before the roster update.

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The same goes for me with Albies. His lefty batting stats suck compared to him swinging right handed, but he has been hitting nonstop moonshots for me form the left side. I’m literally torn between starting him or Turner at 2B… that’s how good he’s been.

Plus, he’s got that tiny strike zone. I feel like nothing can sneak by.

I got rid of Judge because I use Strike Zone for my hitting view, and his strike box looks like it’s 5 feet tall.

The small strike zone is huge. I use Strike Zone 2 (yay for looking at Stanton’s crotch all game) and I have the same issue. I have a tough time getting to high fastballs with Judge since I usually start my PCI low and go up.

Anyone doing 12-0 or grinding services for Xbox ?

For sure. I go back and forth between Strike Zone and Strike Zone 2. I feel like I see the low pitches and dirt balls better with the former, however, so it’s usually my go to.

Finally had a little pack luck last night and got the rare Pete Alonso from my hrd pack and the mid round on the all star pack.

After completing all TA’s this year I’ve pulled exactly one 90+ live series diamond this year and it was vlad jr lmao

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which one better for dirt balls?

we know his stats? I forsure want this card

Not that I know of. They posted this earlier this morning so I believe the stats will be available after release I’m guessing.

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I’ve learned a lot on my 2nd time through the USA map. Got all the strongholds in 17 turns and then finished the map in 23. Those gold prospects have went back up in price so it’s a nice haul for beating this map over and over.


that harper is going to be nice in LF. We were in serious need of some lefty bats in the outfield.

think im going to have my lineup like this until july POTM drops

  1. Trae Turner 2B
  2. CAP(Hawk) CF
  3. Vlad 3B
  4. Prince 1B
  5. Acuna RF
  6. Harper LF
  7. Wander SS
  8. Schwarber C
  9. Pitcher

Beside on legend Schwarber I steal 2nd and 3rd every time lol

will the HR derby cards ever come down in price? shits are wild lol

schwarbs bat is too good in a platoon with TA Salvy not to have in there.

Derby cards are needed to complete the acuna set so I could see the demand being high on them for at least the next week or so. I should be done with it by tonight so I think I might unload everything.

I bought vlad jr for 140k, pulled Alonso, Soto, and Lynn from packs, and bought gallo and ohtani for 25k each yesterday. That’s over 500k stubs right there so i’m heavily considering liquidating while the prices are through the roof


sell sell sell lol

im sure inning 5 will have a few Derby packs along the way.

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yeah I think selling is the move, I’m also thinking about selling my al leiter for 100k too.

I want to make sure that I have a fat stack of coins ready for when they drop 99 Pedro, 99 griffey, 99 Trout, 99 Maddux

Legend should be achievable strictly from TA2 + TA3 cards tbh

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Anyone tried Larry Walker yet? Looks legit