MLB The Show 20 Official Thread

I had to keep at least Cobb and Cabrera on my team being a Tigers fan. Actually I ran with Kaline most of the year too.

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That team is goated


So how many pitches are going to bean the Astros this year? 100? 1000? 10000?



I know the Astros fucked up, but if I were them, I’d fight every time someone beaned one of our players. Clear the bench every game


It’s the only way.

If they don’t fight back they’re going to get murdered by pitches.


It will stop once the season begins or at least go down considerably since the commissioner feels like beaning a cheater deserves a bigger penalty than actual cheating.

Can someone provide an “MLB The Show” for dummies w comparisons to the MyTeam counterpart systems?

I know it may take some time to write up, but hoping some one could summarize the similarities / differences. Like the Gem tiers, dif. modes, and how they handle content throughout the year?

Are there equivalent of shoes and coaches that provide boosts?

Is it like 2K where its not wise to hold on to players for too long because they’ll get out dated?

Do ppl buy MT / stubs, or is their version of VC a scam?

Can’t wait for the Show. Whenever that community complains I remind them nba2k myteam is a thing haha

The reviews of this game is making me want to play even though i dont watch baseball lol

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it’s not perfect by any means (and hardcore players think it’s gotten worse since 16) it’s just vastly better than NBA 2k hahah

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I have MLB19 but if anyone explains me the baseball rules, I will enjoy it then cos I don’t get the game at all lol

In terms of content it’s a lot better than 2k. I haven’t spent a single dime and just by grinding I have a team full of 99 overall players who are good enough to compete with anyone.

Tiers are basically common,bronze,silver,gold and diamond. Anybody 87 overall moving forward is a diamond if i recall correctly. You gain exp points as you play that reward you with everything from packs to 99 overall players.

Game modes you have conquest which is an offline mode where you play different teams while trying to “conquer” a board kinda like strategy games. Games are 3 innings and you gain rewards as you play.

Ranked Seasons is their main online mode. Similar to SuperMax you earn points per wins and climb up divisions as you earn prizes along the way. Games are full 9 innings.

You have Battle Royale which is a 3 inning Per game draft mode. You have to pay 1,500 stubs (their version of vc) to enter. Similar to MTU in terms of trying to go 12-0 for an exclusive reward. Lose 2 games and you are out.

They also do scheduled events. More 3 inning games that require a specific team building aspect like all right handed pitchers or only players from certain teams. You can play as much as you can during the duration. Every “entry” lasts until you lose 2 games and then they reset your wins per entry and have to try again. You get rewards as you accumulate wins during that specific entry but you also get rewards for total wins during the event.

I’ll let somebody else speak on the gameplay lol.


Yeah the hitting engine is awful. You get Good/Good or Squared Up/Good and it’s a lineout, groundout, fly ball far too often. I’ve seen they’ve tried to fix that with ‘Perfect’ hits this year, but we’ll see…

The other issue is the lack of individuality across cards. This might just be a baseball thing, but everyone kinda feels the same. This is even more the case with 99 sigs with similar stats.


I’m super excited for it. This has been my first year playing sports games and Madden/nhl were really poor but obv I love 2k and can’t wait to try DD


Yeah gameplay sometimes feels very random. You will lose games you shouldn’t. People who just swing badly at everything and will score runs like crazy. Meanwhile you are reading your opponent’s pitches and location and still won’t get on base. Hopefully it’s fixed this years.

In terms of content though it’s light years ahead of 2k and they don’t even do crazy made up promos. Even 99 overall players have weaknesses so while I agree with the comment that players feel similar in top tiers some players still have weaknesses like great hitters but awful fielders ala Frank Thomas.

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Yeah all on board with this.

I think you’re right about the weaknesses and strengths that add a nice element of individuality. But baseball, in general, lacks the plethora of individual-level animations that we see in basketball. So it’s really hard to bring it to life across all the cards. There are like hundreds of possible dribble packages, shot releases, etc. So the game can feel kind of static across cards. There are nuances to the different swings, but they don’t feel all that extreme to me. Maybe they should do more to make the different swings matter… Don’t know.


Yeah animations certainly play a bigger role in 2k than it does in The Show. Swings really don’t make a difference in terms of gameplay and I don’t think they will make it so it does. At least not anytime soon.

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Swings mean everything in MLB the Show. You sound like you play it, you should know that.

Some people’s swings/stances are better for other people and worse for you and vice versa.

I hit like .500 with SS Eddie Murray and some people can’t hit with him. I struggled with Lou Gehrig and some people think he had the best swing in the game. Swing means everything in the show.

My favorite swing last year was Roberto Alomar. I completely crushed pitching all year with him. I could not take him out of my lineup.

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By the end of the year, there were multiple players you could use at every position. It came down to how you were with their swing/stance.

Yeah I think I worded it incorrectly. You are definitely more comfortable with some swings. Murray I always hit with him too and Edgar. What I was trying to say is that they have no impact in terms of how successful a card is like in 2k for example where you can exploit a certain move. Behind the back, hop step, etc. A swing that works for you might not work for me and viceversa.

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