MLB Pitcher Tyler Skaggs Found Dead Today

27 years old, very sad day for baseball, it seems like every year we lose another young star. Prayers to his family. RIP Tyler.

I remember my hometown cardinals have lost multiple players. Sad for sure

damn why does this kind of thing happen way more in baseball than any other sport?


Losing Niño a while back was awful. Another tragedy.


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Oscar Taveras, Jose Fernandez, Yordano Ventura, Tommy Hanson, Skaggs all in the last 5 years.

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How did I forget Ventura?! Uggh don’t remind me. Man it was beautiful watching him launch that heater :cry::cry::cry:

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I went to school with this kid he was one year above me at Santa Monica high school.

His mom was the PE coach and used to give me rides to school sometimes.

Cool guy, RIP…

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canceled my bet rip brother


Went to same high school with us. He probably knew him too…