MJ, VC or LBJ?

I’d love to have them all, but can only afford one. Who should I get? I’m leaning towards MJ since LeBron is expensive af and I already have Magic.
Is there a big difference between MJ and VC?

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Didn’t get Lebron yet, but MJ is way better than Vince.
Considering that you have Penny/Magic, I’d go for MJ.




Doesn’t it suck pushing those reward opals out of the line up already :sob:

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This is the best MJ we see for a minute. I’d snag that one (and I will).


I can’t give any info on LeBron, but I have tried MJ and Vince… and they are both amazing. They both have their +/- over each other, but they’re pretty damn close and good at everything. You can’t really go wrong either way.

However, after buying MJ and Vince at the same time, with the intention of keeping one…

…I chose MJ based off “feel” and animations, and threw Vince back on the market.



In that order

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Yeah, it’s so painful. I hate wasting 750 token cards, or cards that I grinded 5 months for (Dr J) :angry:

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Is Lebron much better than Magic? Should I sell Magic (and every other card and jersey in my collection lol) and buy Lebron?

Imo, MJ is a bigger upgrade from DrJ/BRoy than Lebron is from Penny/Magic.

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But you didn’t use Lebron yet… So you can’t be sure.
I will buy MJ anyway, just thinking about selling Magic and my whole collection for LBJ too… Is it worth it.

MJ is the best SG currently.

Magic and Penny are fine for now, save for Bron


Well, Magic is just amazing, so Lebron can’t be that much better.

I use MJ every year of My Team and this is the best one we’ve gotten since 2K17

I snagged him for 400k and honestly would pay 600k if I had to. Video coming soon :sunglasses:


It’s definitely a bigger difference between Lebron and Magic than it is for Brendon Roy Vs MJ

That’s what I wanted to hear.

Too bad he doesn’t have the palm fake triple threat package.
Triple threat spin and post escape fakes are still great.

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ok if Earv thinks this is the best MJ since '17 then I really need to buy some MT.


Yep. He plays like the 2K17 Jordan/Pippen duo. It’s glorious.

I pulled Lebron and bought MJ. I’m thinking of selling Lebron though.

Why? He’s not that good?