Mj packs are leaving in two hours, did everybody get to pull Go Jordan?

They really milked us on these packs with these odds. I didn’t get the honor to pull the limited but was happy with the unlimited. Did everybody have success pulling him?

fuck no 2k hates me

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Nope paid 700k oops

Was too lazy to collect 'Ronika checks :smile:


I like how he says “did EVERYBODY have success pulling him” like bro people be spending over a mill vc and still get only a amethyst … i doubt even half the people on here pulled him :man_facepalming:

Yep, pack number 22 i sell him then got og giannis with the mt, sell cards and buy mj.

No… I paid 950k in the first batch… fuck me

I remember being so happy to cop him under a mil… xD

What’s with you
And all these Mj pack threads? Lmao

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Probably 300 packs and no GO.

I didn’t know anybody notice lol. This the last one for the road. This the go away packs party.

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I forgot to buy any packs. No gain but no pain.

Paid 1.1 million the first day

opened like 70 packs - got only Diamond Jordan

3 20 boxes. 4 PD no GO

I’ve been opening about a 10box and a few singles a day for a week. Got him today in a 10 box.

Thanks Ronika.

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Yea i seen it. Congrats

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I downgraded to the PD
still just as good imo

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Ripped like 70 packs & got 3 Amethyst. Bought him 3 days ago for 530k, then proceeded to open about 30 more & got nothing but quick sells.:cry: These packs were hot garbage for me.

Saved up from Veronika for a week, had about 1.1 million - pulled 1 PD on launch. Tried two more times with a total of about 450k VC, best was a diamond. Ended up buying him for 840k the first day. No ragrets, he’s my favorite player of all-time and I would still pay that much for him. I’ve thought for a long time that no matter how many picks you rip, sometimes it’s just predetermined that you will not get the card you want. Hope my luck changes this afternoon because I’ve had my girl V on the streets all week. Today she best have my checks waiting for me.

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Pulled 3 GO and about 12 PD. I got my first GO MJ in the second pack of the first box.