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Anyone know if there’s a huge difference between the Dmd and the PD? Other than price is there a point to gettin the PD?

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Huge Difference in Stats and HOF Def Badges

Strength Difference too 52 vs 75


One thing that is crazy that the diamond have more hof badges then pd by two I think which is crazy.

I’m guessing you are referring to the anniv PD. Simple power creep. Westbrook had a 24 assist game, no HoF dimer. Now they hand HoF badges out.

I was watching youtuber that was comparing the diamond with the pd and he was talking about the badges. He was show that the diamond was good but stat wise the pd better but how the pd lacking badges by two .Unless they changed it.

The Sig PD has 14 HOF badges and is not missing any important ones that he should have. You guys must be referring to something else. The new diamond one has 9 HOF badges and is a decent budget player but nowhere near one of the best players in the game. Sig PD MJ is one of the best players in the game

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