Mitch Richmond opal

I currently have Mchale an Worthy as my opal token rewards. I just want to know anybody’s feedback on Mitch Richmond. Was thinking about taking him next.

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Just for disclosure, I have Mchale, Worthy, Iverson, Butler, Embiid, Scal, Drexler, and Richmond.

Butler and Scal are easily the next best players after McHale and Worthy (McHale is probably the best card in the game and Worthy is the best offensive player).

Richmond is a tremendous shooter, but his player model is tiny. Curry and Kyrie size. Westbrook actually looks bigger, as does Arenas. He can get as hot from limitless as cards like Klay or Pettit–his release is quick but not quite base 11 quick. He does get a lot of on ball rips, which is helpful if your opponent is playing a natural PG and you don’t have to sub Richmond out. He dunks pretty well. His dribbling is mediocre.

He is a fun card but is too small to be elite. I would only pick him if you want a fun shooter and don’t like base 11.

You already have 2 of 4 best GO token rewards. Other 2 are Mitch and Pettit. If you don’t need Pettit definitely take Mitch. One of the best shooters in the game with the best hof badges combination of all token rewards. I absolutely love this card.