Mitch Richmond lol

How do you get sharpshooing takeover on mitch?? Last night he had sharpshooter but now he has shot creator.

You mean Mitch Richmond?


It probably has to do with the coach and/or shoes that you’re using. Different coaches give different boosts to players. Check that in your lineup settings.

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Idk about takeovers this year. Same coach and shoe sometimes my AD has rim and other times he has slashing.

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Nah bro, Mitch Richardson


I gave him kobe grinches with +3 to 3pt,driving dunk, speed w ball, speed, and acceleration. Im running steve nash as my coach. Honestly he is the only player that i have who’s takeover changes randomly. I dont mind shot creator but with gold blinders and the shooting badges i put on him and sharp takeover, he’s just to good. Although i personally believe James harden is the best sg in the game due to his sigs.

Ah yes, my favorite player, Mitch Richardson

He probably means Richard Mitchson, the legend himself.


You mean bic michum?



Mitch the B*tch Richmond

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This guy is the winner! :trophy:

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