Mission Impossible: PS5

Wednesday, 8 P.M. C.T, Buy very fast. If not within 10 min then a bust. Walmart.com
Friday, anytime, but preferably early, Maybe before opening. GameStop in store.

How much is a PS5 now? lol

For resale, 1000-1700, for retail 500

1700 :joy: maybe next year

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I know bro

so in the US you pay your PS5 500dollars? the disc version or the digital?


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lol in france we pay 500€ which is 593$

Just get new Xbox it’s not that deep.

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I have always played Playstation but for the first time I’m thinking getting a Xbox Series S. Just for the exclusive games on Xbox without getting the PS5 until v2 comes out.

Idk what you guys think

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He wants a PS5 Knezius, it’s not that deep


Xbox has no launch exclusives , come to think of it PS
5 has no real new IP launch exclusives, but it has exclusives in the absolute sense.

With that said , I would say you can’t go wrong with either , but on potential alone PS5 is better


Last time I checked halo is still Xbox exclusive even if it’s delayed it will be big hit.

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True , I meant launch exclusives. I’ll edit that in

I have like 300 bucks worth of games and all my friends on PS.


Go xbox, I did, I had ps4 for the past 3 years, but for me atleast, playing 2k on next gen and potentially madden, is bigger then staying loyal to Sony

I am also simple tho, at the most I will play 5 games, 2k, madden, call of duty, maybe a fighting game like MK and maybe a racing game, but honestly, for the pass 2 years I’ve literally only played 2k and call of duty



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I mean this isn’t just for me. My brother plays, my dad plays, all my friends play on ps5.


The studio that’s making it is in shambles though

exactly what keeps me on PS