Mirotic to Milwaukee

Via Woj


Bucks winning the East.

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Fuck me. Bucks are gunna be so hard to play against. So many fucking shooters. They on that 5out tip real bad. God damn


Yep Bucks making moves to take th East

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GG raptors

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Still got 3 hours :wink:

Huge pickup. Perfect piece to play next to Giannis.

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Boston needs to do something

Boston choking and kyrie gon be out

They need to find a way to let go of Jaylen

Only thing Boston and raptors need to do get on the phone and try and get beal or Marc

I think this move will force a domino effect and we’ll see more moves (then we would otherwise). This is AMAZING move by Bucks.


Also, East playoffs gonna be SAVAGE.

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Knowing Masai, dude is prob plotting hard.

Can’t see him just laying over and dying.

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Those sly dogs in Milwaukee just added a SNIPER

Fax. We shall see i guess. But man mirotic to bucks sucks for us. They literally have a team full of shooters and then giannis handling the ball. Its 2k18 live in the flesh lol

Wowow great pick up

Bucks and Sixers will be something. Hope it goes 7 games.

Bucks beat 76ers every time. Dont think harris moves the needle as much as people think. Good player. But he is going from a system where he is the star to one where he will not be. Should be interesting. East conference is nuts right now lol

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