Mikey Ray the Challenge Slayer

I love to mix things up when i’m doing weekly challenges or schedule challenges… play with some of these cards collecting dust that normally wouldn’t make my best lineups.

Ladies and Gents, I’ve found a killer.

Michael Ray Richardson from the Triple Double 3D packs. Ruby? Fuck no. Plays like a damn diamond for me lol.

So last week I dusted him off for one of the schedules. He was my backup PG and he did well. I don’t remember the exact numbers, but I remember thinking, “damn this dude actually kinda slick…”

His release is a bit slow, but easy enough. His athleticism is nice. 90 speed, 93 SWB. Great defense, obviously… like all the guys from that set.

So I started him in another short Schedule game, and hes taking these suckas cookies:

Dude was YANKUMS all game. In 9 minutes, he dropped 16/2/8 with 8 rips. As you can see, he wasn’t the most efficient, but that’s on me… I was trying too hard to score with him. His power is in that 98 STEAL RATING he got lol. I didn’t even know until after that game when I went back and actually looked at his stats.

His shooting is mediocre, at best. 80 open mid, 72 open 3. 78 driving dunk not too bad. But I don’t know why he just feels different. Better than his stats. I know these are PvCPU games, but still… those Schedule challenges were towards the end, so they were All-Star and Superstar difficulties. And yall know how cheesy the CPU can be on those schedule shits. You want to have some fun with your Saph/Ruby lineups? TRY THIS DUDE.

Tonight I started him in one of this week’s Challenges. The Philly 76ers… Big ole Ben Simmons.
Maaaaan, these are super easy, but it was fun holding Simmons to ZERO points with a regular PG (he is 6’5" so he’s no mouse). But we smacked the Sixers so hard, Eric Snow felt it. 90 to 19 was the final score, and Mikey Ray stole the show again:

17 points, 13 assists and 7 swipes on 66% shooting, including 3 of 4 from deep!!! He was dropping dimes all over the floor, and getting buckets in many ways, from spinning pull-ups to euros.

Yall want a hella fun card to screw around with offline? Add Mikey Ray to your list. This dude is a ton of fun and I can’t wait to see if he can keep it up in Fantasy Dom.


I love Michael Ray in fantasy draft in my league.

I always clamp my buddies with him he’s a god.

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I just played him in last few games of Nets Sched on Superstar. You’re right: steals galore. Esp when he gets his Takeover, he’s larcenous.

Offensively you can use him to run plays or drive off PnR. Drained a wide open corner three for me, too.

He’s a pitbull.

Also cheap AF.


He’s a beast!! I’m glad I gave him a shot like yall did… he’s going to be in my challenge lineups from now on. I had to spread the word on him

He had a collector level reward card amethyst in 2k17 I believe, I put a 3PT shoe on him and he was usuable for months. Also has decent size at the 1 and can guard Magic to some extent

It’s almost the same card, lol

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For sure, i’m just waiting for the right moments to grab for it, like during dribble combos or when they’re running up court

I’ve wondered about him for my “fun” squad, to be my starting PG to lock up guys.

I’ve heard Sapph lonzo is the best budget clamp PG (and he has clamped the shit out of me offball).

Anyone have any experience with both, and know who’s better?

I have both, and they do feel similar now that you mention it. But for some reason, it’s easier for me get steals with Mikey, yet easier for me to score with Zo. I think Zo feels like a bigger player model, too.