Mike Wang Tweets with some clarification on how 95-99 OVR will work in MyCareer

Mike Wang Tweets with some clarification on how 95-99 OVR will work in MyCareer
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I imagine this will affect positions very differently, as more streaky players will be penalized

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This is a great change

Damn almost all my friends are horrible at 2k. Looks like no 90 overall for me this year. :pensive:

I’m not much of an MC/Park/Pro-AM guy, but I think this system is kinda cool and adds some prestige to the upper 90’s rather than making them just a grindfest.

If you combine this with Park Rep, I imagine it’ll be really easy to tell at a glance who the best players are out there.

The people who just want to play NBA games all the time can be 99 this way too, and not have to worry about bothering with anything else.

That was my take, at least.

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I never said it was a bad thing, I’m saying having consistent good performances means different things between positions, like a big to a guard that’s what I meant

You on PS4 right? What kind of build you making?

We’ll see, I need to see more gameplay to make a decision. I’m probably going for a playmaking sharpshooter or point forward build, but definitely need to see some park gameplay.

Bet. I was going to say we could run, schedule permitting.

I’m torn between a big who can defend/shoot or defend/slash

And an all around ish kind of guard

But yeah I need to really see how the gameplay unfolds with all the new changes.

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Good point. I can see how it could be easier for a glass cleaner vs a playmaker depending on teammates

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What build are you making

Either a point forward or playmaking sharpshooter type build most likely.

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Like I usually make a glass cleaner me staying consistent is easy. Get rebound, pass, under the basket dunk, block and contest inside. It wasn’t never hard before to consistently hold a A teammate grade so I imagine not many pure glass will go below 96

Pure lock baybee

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As I said this changes everything that +2 boost is gonna be nice

Wym & great change weren’t meant to be together

Imo great change not that you were saying it isn’t, didn’t understand what you meant lol

They said it is stat based, so if you’re a glass then grabbing a lot of boards etc — whatever makes your takeover grow not teammate grade

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