Might get banned for sniping on the Auction House?

@ItsShake4ndbake I got permanently banned for auction house sniping. 2k17 shit again. Watch yourself shake imgur.com/a/QYybb9a What do you guys think? this was on Shakes latest tweet.

If they got banned on PC it should explaint to you itself, dudes hack there like no tomorrow.

Thats str8 bull man wtf. buy low sell high…its literally called the Auction House.

I know this don’t seem to make any sense. They need to come out publicly and explain what the hell their expectations are and clearly explain the rules

You seem not to be familiar with PC stuff, everyone and their mom there got Wilt.

the dude that got banned is on pc?

Na im not honestly, but If 2k wanna give me the same 68 rated bronze over and over when I dropped 100k mt on AI packs what the hell the expect people gonna do?

Yall jump to conlusions of how “evil” 2k is before even reading into context.

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Na I’m objective because there are people on the tweet like me who think there is more to it

The point is that dude most likely hacked shit outta game, now playing victim, thats there all to it.


When you do it manually noone have a problem.

When you use a script that can buy a card worth 30k, between 500mt-20k range automatically without even users see it. That’s slaughter house not auction house.


Bruh what? i asked was he on pc i read the tweets and his reddit post he said all he did was snipe off the auction this has been happening for years if your not spending money on vc and getting mt thru sniping 2k bullies you a bans you without a warning nor an explanation. Its weird your really defending 2k for this bs if dude said he didnt buy nor sell mt then he shouldnt be banned for sniping

I literally imagined how card gets chopped to pieces and customer, comes in and buys it, like chicken file. And then this dude comes in and slays everything like in slaughter house, lmfo that imagination.

Its not about me defending 2k, which they have been proven time and time again to be scum, its about knowing full facts before jumping to conclusions.


Just think twice (or more if it’s Pc) when you defend someone without knowing him.

I’d go savage if the sample size was bigger but the truth is, if someone’s claiming this without showing people support conversations, i wouldn’t trust only one guy’s words.

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Def don’t believe guy now i think about it. No way, Carlos Story promoted sniping all last year… no issue

I thought they stayed in their lane over there on PUBG damn

I came from a very tricky Fifa environment and i appreciate 2k a lot just for not implementing AH to their phone app. This is protecting casual gamers.

People used to grab everything in fucking consoles with scripts thanks to that EA app.

thats not a legitimate argument carlos spends countless dollars on 2k so they won’t ban him but i personally know ppl from 2k17 that were banned because they sniped cards for 500 mt even tho they were reinstated they shouldn’t have been banned in the first place.

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