Might as well finish domination

It’s a sad thing that I’ve realized I could just play domination if I wanted to play the CPU defense entire games…
Because that’s what unlimited is basically lol


90% of time playing against CPU, true story

Havent been having fun since the warriors book change lol i might as well finish dom and find new plays

Like I just wanna have fun playing someone, occasionally breaking some ankles faking someone out… but no guy has an issac bonga in accidentally and apparently my ak47 could only post spin past him other than that he’s clamped…


At this point of the game I literally can only play my friends if I wanna have fun to get the feel as if I’m actually playing someone else rather than CPU and we all know that means no difficulty


My only thing with off ball is when you have both GO rewards and AK or a reward after that. Cause obviously you’ve invested a lot of money in this awful game and don’t even fully use the cards.

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Eh… the CPU doesn’t rage quit enough for me

I love off ballers, easy W for me. If it’s TTO then pick and pop for the easy 3 or have a teammate cut to the basket. Unlimited, PNP, cut or run plays, EZ buckets. I honestly don’t care if I’m facing a computer or human on defense, either way I’m gonna be too focused on running my own offense and scoring

This last domination is painful. I wonder what it would cost to have someone finish all time…

Even when you play tto, you bound to get cpu defense 85% of the games you play. Only way to not play cpu in this game is park sadly.

Boring game overall, winning against cpu easy but what’s the point if I’m not having fun.