Midway Season Surprises

Midway Season Surprises

We are almost at the midway point of the season and there are a couple of things that have caught my eye (no particular order) and let me know what has surprised all of you guys

  1. Miami Heat’s performance - currently sit 3rd in the east and record-wise stand as one of the top-5 teams in the league.

  2. Oklahoma City Thunder’s performance - this team traded away their two best players, stacking pics to prepare for the future, but have enough talent to stay relevant in the west with a 22-17 record as the 7th seed

  3. Los Angeles Lakers early success - Lebron’s teams just never seem to start off strong and i expected that early in this season. It seems like Anthony Davis and Lebron James might just be the best duo in the league and if healthy will probably continue dominating their way to the post season

  4. Boston Celtics Locker room 180 - at the end of the season last year it seems like boston’s chemistry was just a complete mess, but now removing big ego players (kyrie, morris, rozier) and adding an unselfish Kemba, this team with an additional big could represent the east in the finals

Honorable mentions:

  • the individual performance of james harden, luka doncic, trae young, devonte graham
  • the even playing field between the two conferences (top 6 seeds in each are strong)
  • the extreme downfall of golden state and the continued losses of the hawks
  • san antonio’s inconsistency (competitive yet struggling at the same time)
  • portland’s early season struggles
  • the denver nuggets depth and success as the current #2 seed in the west

I would agree on every point with the exception of the Denver part. I honestly figured either them or Houston would be the one seed so i undershot it if anything. Those 2 rosters are built for the regular season. Thats where this Lakers success had me surprised, figured theyd take it easy until april.

Pop completely losing it and playing godawful lineups in most games, while favoring his three midgets who play no defense.

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i know denver is a strong regular season team but what shocked me was not really their seeding but their ability to find an play hidden gems (monte morris, jerami grant, torrey craig, malik beasley)

Jermai Grant isn’t really a hidden jem. He broke out as a starter in OKC

Jerami Grant can’t out rebound a chair though and it drives me nuts. All that forfeiting rebounds to pad Russ stats have had its effects

you right, i meant to say hidden gems/outcasts from other teams

i don’t know why the thunder got rid of him tho

How about the fact the raptors have lost a crazy amount of man games to their top 6 players and still one of the top teams in the east

WITHOUT KAWHI or Danny green.

And all their injuries.

I agree with Miami. I didn’t expect systems to be perfected and schemes to be run at a high efficiency already. Very surprised


i wasn’t surprised by toronto, i actually expected them to play well. they were good without kawhi last year and kept majority of the core intact. toronto is a team that can catch fire and beat you any night from 3 with vanvleet, powell, lowry and have great rim protecting with ibaka and boucher

edit: and even with the injuries this team is still playing well which just shows good coaching and great team play

It’s the fact we still a top team in the standings with all our injuries. That’s crazy. Even I’m surprised we can basically play 500 with no starters lol


although you guys don’t have a elite superstar, almost everyone on that roster can contribute and that’s just crazy. usually teams have like 8 players that get consistent minutes but toronto can throw in anyone and they’ll just play good.

credit to the coaching and management

That was me last year. Imagine my surprise when nuggets held down the 1 seed most of the season while missing 3 starters lol

Pascal says hello. But I get what your saying.

Give it a couple years. Raps will have a superstar. I mean they do right now. Peeps just ain’t ready to give Pascal that title. But he will earn it. Just gotta continue improving and putting the work in

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i agree with you, pascal is knocking on the door of being a superstar but the media doesn’t view him as one and i gotta see some playoff action with him as the go to guy

so basically by next year i’d say he’s gonna be viewed as a top player in this league

I don’t buy the playoff action take. Dude was a huge factor in every series last year. Guy can play his assignments were as follows

Draymond green

Every player a great defender. (embiid the worst but has size to make up for it)
And he dropped 20pts a game during the whole playoffs.

Being a number one option in the playoffs is a bit different but I can’t see him not being a viable number one option. Guy works to hard not to be.

I guess another chip might get people understanding his greatness haha

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he was a big factor in the playoffs last year but kawhi is gone so he’s gonna have to step up and if he does then that’s when the media will acknowledge

Bojan is goated, that’s all.

Would be an allstar in the East, tbh.
Probably the best FA signing this season.
17 million a year is a bargain for 20ppg+ scorer, elite 3pt shooter and actually a decent defender.

If Conley performed anywhere close to his best level, they’d be a legit threat.

Dennis Schroeder :eyes::eyes::eyes:

How about the Pacers so far without Vic? They are the 5th in the East and 2 games out from the 3rd spot. Brogdon and Sabonis are putting up all-star numbers. You can’t tell me people expected this…

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