Microsoft Flight Simulator

Hit Gamepass today! Just about to get started on Series X, I am super pumped to have a true next gen game to play. Anybody else playing tonight?


I quickly read Microsoft Windows simulator. What a fun game would that be.

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Oh shit thats on gamepass today ?

Imma download. How big is the file ?

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It’s like 118 GB

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I missed the stream, What was the game experience like? Think this would be my first download when i get next Gen later this year.

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holy crap

It’s almost like a sightseeing tour for a casual user and the light planes. Like yesterday, I took of from the Philly airport and found my neighborhood. Flew down the Hudson past NYC. In between the pyramids of Giza. Crashed into Mount Everest. On easy, the controls are pretty simple and you just fly around and gawk. At one point I flew a 747 and that shit was harder. I would imagine you can get very, very in-depth if you’d like, though.

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This is on xbox game pass only for next Gen? I don’t see it available on my xbox game pass.

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Played yesterday at my buddy’s place. Super fun. First flight out I did a barrel roll in a 747 and landed successfully in Kauai (overshot the runway a bit but w/e).

Wife wants an X-Box now.

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Correct, only Series S/X.

Just taking a casual flight around Rio De Janeiro :sunglasses:

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I’m now cruising at 32,000 feet in a 747 on the way from SF to Seattle :airplane:

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Really actually had fun playing this game last night. Kept trying to crash into my old house I grew up in LOL


Haha I did the same lmao I kept flying right into my cousins house

Sucks you can’t actually see a crash.

I think they removed crashing post 9 11


The flying on GTA6 better look like this on God .


I mean they have been working on GTA 6 for like 10 damn years. Better be fucking good lol

Think about flight sim is it’s actually GPS renditions of the entire world. Wish GTA was like that

Be crazy to actually go to real cities


All I know is this joint better be the second coming have like 3 different maps/cities you can fly to whenever u want . Heck let us go into space as we’ll get into shoot outs with aliens some next Lvl shit we’ve earned it with this brutal wait :weary:.