Michael Jordan's son Jeffrey arrested for aggravated assault in a hospital

Apparently he assaulted a hospital worker after being rushed to a Scottsdale Arizona hospital for what police are saying was a head wound after falling in a cocktail bar and hitting his head on a table.

Oh well, I hope he’s OK but it seems that this was some sort of alcohol related incident.

What’s with nba legends kids being nuts like kareems, bob Ross kareem hybrid baby stabbing a neighbour

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Unfortunate incident, hopefully he apologizes and learns from it.

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No idea man! In fact I have no idea what is wrong with people today. Where I live, a 16 year old kid waiting on his school bus was gunned down and no one has a clue who did it even though there were other kids on the same bus stop they all claimed they couldn’t recall what type of car. color of the car etc the shots were fired from.

Just crazy times now sad to say!