Michael Jordan available in all modes (TTO, TT, Unlimited, Limited)

Of course they kept the 1 token lol

Check boards

Yo? Is the Hero one on there too??


Prepare for a 1 token marathon


U can get him in liimited also W, how would you get him in unlimited tho

I bet it’s like the glitched market. After the game it will just pop up if you get anything

Gonna stock up on original owner rubies for next seasons exchange I guess. 20 games will net me at least 7 ruby Jordans.

I might pick him up for my bench lineup, using Redd starting to get old

Typical 2K. It is not all cards if you can’t get the best one.

Anybody got any Jordan cards in Unlimited or Limited? I got my ring after 2 games and have got Nurkic now so won’t be playing any more until the top secret card is dropped

Any hope the Hero MJ is maintaining value? I never got around to selling this card…still my starting SG

He is game changer on next
Better than Simmons
On current I agree that he don’t worth all those games
Just a better AK

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2k tweeted that hero MJ is in the mystery packs that you can win in unlimited. Of course it will be super rare

played two games and got a second danny ferry… i guess im not getting a vault reward next season

The one token is just a joke like put 500 mt there instead I’m tired of seeing orange

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So far I got an emerald MJ from unlimited and a gold shoe

DM Pantheon MJ might end up being the first BiN Dark Matter this year. Lol always thought DRose would take that honor

Heros DM isn’t going to move because all you get from unlimited is gold shoes

I got 330k for my one, but I pretty much got him when the event started so I got lucky haha

He seems to be hovering around 225k last time I checked