Michael Jordan available in all modes (TTO, TT, Unlimited, Limited)



You better play the lotto right now!


Play right now. Will be tuned down in a few mins :joy:

can u send pic of vault

Great another weekend of hours of TT just to get a bunch of tokens. Fingers crossed tho! :crossed_fingers:

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Not bad, are boards same?

Can they please just remove the 1 token at least for events like this… Make the worst prize 1k MT or 10 tokens or something


For the first time I did something right on 2k. I sold my dm mj last night after seeing there as only one mj up and they put him in the vault today.


1 in 1000 chance of getting dm MJ im good

I’m hoping it’s more like 1 in 1,000,000. Don’t want no auctionable cards from the vault. I just want the Ferry.

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ferry is so overrated

0/6 vault openings. Thanks, 2k.

You are kidding right? Do you have him? What part of his card is overrated? I’m stumped.

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yeah I have him I got him the first day he came out in 30 games hes good but hes not a game changer I dont understand why people are still playing hundreds of games for him hes not that good

Ok. I gotta ask. What card do you have that you would consider a game changer?

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bol bol and simmons

Simmons for sure. I’m on current gen and Bol was nothing special.

hes better than danny ferry on next gen and they are on the same level for curent gen

Ferry is a 2 way wrecking ball. Anywhere from best to 3rd best card in the game. Definitely a “game changer”