Michael Finley the death of me

Triple Threat has become nuts with all these Michael Finely cards running the point. I need to get that card so badly but I’m so worried about the cheese. How long did it take you to go 12-0?

3 hours or so?

Just put gerald wallace on that ass or shane

It’s kind of blind luck. I’ve played some decent teams and players. 85% though are trash af

are rewards are worth it in 3x3, how good they’re? I only play offline so far.

Depends on the board but basically the more wins you get, the more ball drops you can use per turn. The best so far have been tokens. You can also get a good amount of MT if you get multiple ball drops. I prefer playing online just because I play AI so much for dom.

Not really lol I’d rather grind offline for tokens to be honest. It’s not worth the head ache

Yah, i was just wondering if online has much better rewards, otherwise i’d play offline tho.