Meta for Bin

I need upgrades but can only afford bin players, I run 8 man rotation also like to use big guys

PD Magic
PD Tracy
PD Ben Wallace
PD Dino
PD Manute Bol
D Jay Williams
D Danny Manning
D Boban

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PD Redd is the best sg you can buy for bin. Basically an opal by stats and badges.

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Pd redd is wettt

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should I trade tracy for redd? Got him 90K

Diamond RoCo and diamond OG two of the best wing defenders in the game

How can you win with Manute at your S5? He gets slaughtered in every pick and roll. PD
Pau Gasol is around 100k and a beast as an Opal.

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I imagine Big Ben is up there with them

These two for sure

PD Redd

Batum. He’s incredible. Don’t worry about his stats, he has great badging, HUGE player model, insane animations and also PnR ball handler and 3 point plays. I like him better than Redd and he’s like 6k.

PD TMac while he’s cheap. And it’s not close. Don’t sell TMac for Redd.

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And the obvious Amy bonga
And, I still love diamond Odom. You should get him with shoe and contract for maybe 20 30k

so maybe I should swap boban for pau and danny manning for redd?

is Batum worth to swap any of my lineup?

OP, if you’re running plays a lot and don’t need dunking at sg, maybe Havlicek. He’s a great defender and shooter.

Of those guys? Obviously compared to the ones who play similar positions, yeah I’d say he’s better than anyone in your team.

I tried Batum but doesn’t seems obvious improvement against PD Tmac though

Personal preference if you prefer tmac use him :slight_smile: I prefer Batum’s dribble animations, size and his release is quicker.

Diamond nic batum looks very good