Message to New Users

Welcome from the pits of 2KMTC ypu guys will enjoy this site. For the love of god i ask you guys to please use the search function. It will help you tremendously. Thanks.

-Love OG AKA Broke back mountain scandal Survivor #293


The irony with this comment when OG just made a duplicate thread

Don’t worry OG, I’m just poking fun. Nothing personal or anything.

I agree with your message

Welcome new members

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Lmao i seen that thread but the post was to long for me to read

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Can’t blame you lmao




This site is amazing so far :no_entry_sign: :billed_cap:

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you know @Joel ?

Even though I wasn’t on the site back then I’ve visited those threads and now I understand :joy::joy::joy:

you talking to me and no i dont know


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