Melo to Chicago


That’s a lie. Please don’t be true.

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Would be a good choice for him.

Hurt to read that honestly


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Melo gonna take em to the finals

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Bc they are trying to tank…

It’s all for zion


They don’t need him to do that.

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They going to wave him and then he going sign with someone else just like he did with the hawks.

D wade all over again smh

He is not staying in Chicago fellas watch and see lol. He wants a ring.

Lol at you guys thinking he’s actually ever going to play a game for the Bulls.

They gonna buy him out or waive him.


What I said. He will be a laker or 76ers before the end of the week.

Zion here we come!!!

Def not a laker

I hope he signs with the warriors my dude need a ring.

He’ll help us lose so I hope he plays

Watch and see lol.