Melo is dropping now

Hella amounts are ending at the same time :wink:

What price and system…

PS4 550k

Where? He is still at 500+ k

He was 600k + earlier


Just got outbid lol I shouldn’t say it

He’ll be back up. He’s a base 600k card even with packs up

Just want to share with members here…

How is this considered dropping? I got mine for 531K on Day 2.

It’s PS4…

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So he didn’t drop? I’m lost

I got mine 550k with shoes now , it exactly dropped

JIMMER IS BIN? What’s going on

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Pete is 60k?

He’s bin yeah everyone is hoarding MT

Must be a big realese coming

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There just 2 ending at 500,150 500,200 MT now

Where ps4?

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