Melo has reached BIN

Pretty stacked as far as wings go on my squad, but I always killed with diamond melo, and now I’m considering picking up the PD since he’s going for less than BIN now. Anyone starting melo over KD/bird/granger??

I just got a minor snipe of Melo with a diamond contract for bin and put up KD back up for auction
Kd’s Better but not better enough to justify the price difference imo plus i’m Trying to get MJ so it helps me out

I’ve picked up worthy yesterday and imo melo is even better. Still the best scorer in my team

I feel that, but I already have MJ. If I picked up melo it would set me back a little bit on my journey to PG13 but he seems like a dope addition. Not sure what to do

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Prioritize PG for sure

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Is he worth setting my self back a little bit? Been tryna save for opal PG13. Should be able to afford him in about a week. Melo would push me back a few more days

What is your team right now?

Get Red Kyries on Melo+ Pop/Stevens= 90 def con.


Get Cowens over Cousins if you got a chance budget wise.

I had cowens for a bit but he didn’t stand out much to me

I would sell kd and pick up melo, but that is personal preference. However you don’t need him, so if you like kd, just wait for pg

Damn that’s disappointing. So torn on Pettit vs Worthy. Lol

Worthy all day.

Ahahahahahah don’t get me wrong: worthy is a beast! However melo is my favourite card in game rn

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Is Pettits behind the back bad? Does Worthy have Aks? Aks dribble packages are insane. I’m guessing Worthy is similar?

Wow that’s crazy, I figured most people preferred KD. Will have to check out some videos and see what he’s like.

Worthy’s dribbles are even better than ak


I know, but melo can score in every possible way for me!

How is the stamina of pd melo?