Melo ankle breaker

How do i break peoples ankles with my melo. His behind the back makes me sad :confused:

I break ankles all the time.
usually against an offballer

You guys gotta learn that one behind the back move doesn’t make a card learn to chain dribble combos and you’ll have them leaning all over the place

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Help explain? You mean the momentum? That one is nice for sure. He just seems kinda slow to me atm tbh. I want to make use of that ankle breaker badge

I always do the cross then turbo then stepback. Works all the time. It’s a GG when he is in TO

Between the legs combo to a drive then stepback is brutal if your opponent isn’t skilled and on fast breaks a normal between the leg can get you past the cpu for a dunk or foul. Also magic has a disgusting spin move in transition. Theres tons of combos i find effective just practice in freestyle and you’ll get a handle on it

Also a cheap way to get an ankle breaker is just double tap x or square while in TO and the opponent falls 70% of the time its ridiculous

but thats because of his shotcreator TO
thats not because of his HOF Anklebreaker

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I know but im pretty sure it happens more frequently the higher tier the badge is…don’t quote me though.

Half spin snatch back ,
Breaking ankles with him all day