Me vs Slim Clutchems... twitch link

Sooo this is a video of me losing to one of my Xbox friends in a friendly. idk :neutral_face: if it shows in the stream but At times I literally can’t control where my players are playing him and any inch of space he will make it. I won the first game but it didn’t save sooo now I have a vid of a L to look at. He shot 100 percent the first half and gets sooo many reach in steals and bump steals it’s crazy. How does he shoot like this?

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Fast foward to the 4th quarter to see what I’m talking about

Just looks like he’s calling iso and taking contested 3’s to me. I didn’t watch start to finish but I watched most of the 4th.

I would have slowed it down. Seems like momentum swings heavy for the home team if the pace is pushed and you turn the ball over. What playbook/freelance do you run?

Looks like you hold L2 as well, thats bbq chicken bruh

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I’m on Xbox one … how else would you stop blow by? I use Lt for intense defense

It’s very hard to slow the ball down when the moment you’re not moving your opponent is spamming steal for an easy turnover… take a close look he hits the steal button every second I would have had 20 turnovers if I stayed still @rjense02

Yea tap L2 and use the right stick to engage the ball handler or contest a shot. Let go of L2 when you get beat and use left stock/turbo to cut him off then use the tap L2/right stick technique


Are you protecting the ball? Slowing down, protecting ball and running plays/passing ball will counter spam steal.

I’m gonna try this next game

Yes it does not matter with him. He’s one of those people who can strip you on dunks if it’s not a clear path almost every possession if he wanted to

Protect the ball with l2, when he spam steal let go and blow by him

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By tap I mean literally tap the L2 button repeatedly. Holding L2 gives the defender lead feet and causes over pursuit

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Yea run triple threat and protect ball as @MambaForever mentioned. It’s all about not playing out of control. From what I watched, both of you were reckless at times but he just had the contested shots fall

Ok but what about in transition all throughout the game you’ll notice his players are all running and stopping in place in transition. His 3 point shooters will run to the corners and his center will stop at the center of the 3point line and they leave my players in the dust. How is he controlling them on transition? Every transitio he scores this way. Even to the point where my players just leave him open for 3

ILooks like you’re pressing up on his ball handlers way too early also. I never ever press on the in bound after a bucket. It’s not worth getting the one or two steals when you get burnt over and over for easy buckets. Switch your bigs back and if he wants to run a spread the floor offense and use iso I would just rock 2-3 zone. I have to watch more of the video but those are things noticed immediately. If he started moving the ball, back to man to man

Like here… every time down the court Klay outruns my entire team in transition and is left open in the corner for 3. I quickly click on penny to contest and then another computer defender is leaving tmac open in the other corner for 3

What are your defensive settings?

Rock moderate on ball and tight off ball for Tmac, Klay and any knock down shooters. Set help to no help and help tendency to 0-15 at max

I have them on automatic on ball and deny ball off ball.