McDonald's Spicy McNuggets

Not bad at all.

Solid 8.5/10. Would eat again


They’re out?!?! I thought them shits didn’t hit the streets until September 16.

My man probably works at McDonald’s



Randomly pulled up and they had them. That Travis Scott meal is a scam lol


Spicy Nuggets much tastier than 2k.

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How do they compare with Wendy’s?

They really need some kind of spicy chicken sandwich, too.

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They have a spicy mcchicken


I like these better. They have the same classic McNugget taste but has a nice kick on the back end.

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Imagine pulling up to a McDs drive thru and asking for a Travis Scott meal


Not in my neck of the woods . . . But I’d prefer a spicy version of their homestyle chicken sandwich.

Spicy McChicken is goat status. Feelsbadman

I’m coppin these soon. Best dipping sauce for ya’ll? i get the buffalo sauce with the regular nuggets usually. I may stick to sweet and sour or honey mustard for these. I’m not a fan of mcds bbq sauce much. It used to be good until they changed the recipe.

McD have these Chicken sandwiches

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MITCHY baby misses YOUR HUGS

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If Chick Fil a is within 5 miles, theres no reason to go to McDonalds.


Chic Fil A Spicy Deluxe w Bacon is S TIER.

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Well, them shits going to hit the bathroom an hour after you finished eating them lol

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