Mbah a Moute goes back to the Clippers

WTF are the Rockets doing? They re-sign CP3 to long-term max money, making it seem that they’re all-in to be in position to take over if the Warriors stumble big, but then…

  • They let Ariza sign with the Suns, for really big one-year money.
  • They sign Michael Carter Williams which, I guess, okay fine he’s a cheap bench piece who plays tough D.
  • They look like they’re going to force Capela to take the qualifying offer in a weak market.
  • They let Mbah a Moute go back to the Clippers for $4.3M.

So now what? Are they really going to sign Melo? If they do, then I have a big piece of crow to eat. Never thought that an executive duo of Morey and D’Antoni would bring in MCW and Melo to replace Ariza and Mbah a Moute.

Or do they have some huge showstopper deal? How? Did Morey find some sucker franchise willing to take on Ryan Anderson for Rockets draft picks?


If they get melo rip they gonna go from the 1st seed to 5th-6th


Kawhi lol

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They’re imploding. [Insert Houston we have a problem joke here].


Ariza was gone the very second game 7 against the Warriors ended. Luc struggled to find minutes in the gsw series. I can see the thought process somewhat

LOL, I’m sure that there at least has been a conversation, because of necessary due diligence, and courtesy. But I can also imagine, after finishing the conversation, and hanging up the phone, R.C. Buford and Pop laughing their asses off at whatever laughable package that the Rockets could offer.

What can they even do at this point? Maybe some sort of trade with the Hornets, for Batum? MJ seems to love tall white guys who can shoot from outside.

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Was it presumed that Ariza was leaving? I thought it was surprising that the Suns offered him so much. Who else was competing to give Ariza even near that much? I was assuming his value was going to be in the $7-10M range, depending on number of years for a contract.

And Luc was struggling to get minutes because of his shoulder injury. If he’s healthy, he’s an invaluable piece and maybe the Rockets with a healthy Luc, but injured Iguodala (and injured CP3) pull off that upset.

It made some sense for the Rockets to run it all back, given how well they showed in that series. And I don’t even think Boogie joining the Warriors necessarily changes things that dramatically.

I guess they didn’t really want to eat monster luxury tax and are just trying to do their best without forcing Fertitta to foot a monster bill.

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Luc was a better defender than Ariza but worse shooter pre 2 shoulder dislocations

Ariza was a better shooter but worse defender

Ariza definitively received an offer he couldn’t refuse. But it looked like before free agency the Rockets were focused on adding another big piece, which meant Ariza was likely hitting the door anyway. The 0-12 performance from game 7 probably didn’t help much. Luc more than likely received his biggest offer from the Clippers like Ariza.

Ariza is a better shooter and defender.

Mbah a Moute is only getting a 1-year $4.3M deal with the Clippers. Almost makes me wonder, as a Warriors fan, what our front office’s reasoning was for taking Jonas Jerebko for basically the same money.

I thought that the clearing of space was to try to open up possibility of some left-field sign & trade arrangement for LeBron, but I think Ariza signed after LeBron announced going to the Lakers, right?

Well, it’ll be interesting to see what’s reported in the days to come, and later on, to see what Morey’s thinking was, for this offseason.

Ariza was always leaving. Everyone in Houston knew. He’s one of the best vets you could have for these young teams. Luc had to go also. If we didn’t need you in the warriors series we have to ditch you to keep capella while still being in position to trade for another star. Anderson’s contract looks better with time.

Yeah, I guess it could be that they have faith in CP3 staying healthy, so locked him up but downshifted to just being a good playoff team, but basically give up on real championship contention this year and then hopefully swing a trade of Anderson when he has just 1 year left, and sign another big name.

Could be the move is to basically stay out of the luxury cap for this year so they aren’t paying repeater tax next summer when they load up.

Luc was horrible that whole GSW series. He only scored 5 points that whole series lol (2 in G2, 3 in G3)

This year is already settled. Lakers and rockets have realized. Boston has too

Also, rockets were able to finally get picks. Vince Edwards is someone we were really high on, with Tucker’s help he can be really huge right away. Melton has an NBA ready game to. Zhou Qi should get minutes this year.

Well, Melo united with CP3 pushing hard and believing he can go to the Finals, if all goes right, will at least be entertaining.

Wonder what he first encounter between Melo and D’Antoni is going to be like.

Did the Rockets sign Melo?

Hard to tell how much owner is involved in everything. Ariza and Luc, both role players, the point is that Fertitta is business man, and he also understands like most of us that Rockets aging core might not even get close to Warriors, who yet again, got better. In essence he might not felt that 2 players over 30 years old are worth that kind of money, given they might not win anyway, just trying to use logic.

Not yet, though seems to be the strongest rumor.