Maybe obvious but I'm making way more 3s

So maybe I’d inadvertently forgotten or was doing it without noticing. But there’s a slight penalty for pressing the shooting button prior to catching the ball when receiving a pass. I’ve been consciously making sure I wait that split second the last 4 or 5 games before I take the shot and I’ve been shooting consistently above 45% putting up a out 12-18 3s a game.
Huge improvement over the games where I’d go 3 for 17, and I’m also seeing a lot more greens.
There is a slightly smaller window for closeouts if you’re playing someone good but the difference is from bricking full whites at 4% covered to consistently hitting 33% covered if you take that second to wait to shoot.
Hope this helps someone


Tjerryday posted a 1:30 clip on his twitter it will show you why you’re making more threes

What so hard about awarding open shots and stop helping trash casual


I don’t get it at all… like I recently decided I was really gonna give 20 a try so I’ve been playing a lot of mtu and it’s disgusting how many people just pull up bad shots and they go in

Yeah I do see a lot of those go in, but because I’d like to think I have some basketball IQ I don’t take those shots, maybe I should start?


I played TJ and I don’t know why he’s complaining, he plays the same way. lol.


He does but he I feel like is also just talking about the things that happen to keep people in games… most those shots you should never ever make, if you shoot a red bar heavy contested it should always miss unless it’s a layup then maybe you can get the animation… but in no way should you make a 3 pointer that’s like that

What is that crosshair in @Bones191 avatar?

wtf did i just watch? 2k20 is worse than I thought and it was so bad I stopped playing it a month and a half ago

The worst part about this is when you get too frustrated to play online and decide to just grind some offline content and the CPU starts hitting late smothered shots on you too.

You hate to see it

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Honestly the worst thing they added is seeing the shot release on your opponent because it leaves you with a nasty taste in your mouth


That’s the sniper badge given by 2KG
here’s the last game I played

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Tbh, the solution is simple.
Either stop complaining or stop playing their game.
By now we all know that they won’t do shit to fix their game, no matter how hard people complain.
The only way to make them actually fix stuff is to stop buying VC and playing the game.

3 things they need to do:

  1. Increase odds wide open shots go in more (actually reward players for getting open)
  2. Decrease odds smothered shots go in
  3. FIX THE DAMN SERVERS! The game-to-game changes in latency is maddening with regard to shooting. It’s so inconsistent.

I get that not all open shots should go in, but I feel like I make wide open and contested shots at about the same %. That shouldn’t be. And I feel like this is the first 2K it’s been like that.

They can’t increase the odds for open shots… I’m fine with missing a couple but the fact is you can hit a snatch back real quick and start taking a moving shot and while in this animation they won’t be registering a contest…meaning you’re again rewarding something that is flawed in the game because even if you close out on that shot it doesn’t register

It got even worse since then

They just don’t care smh

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I would rather have it in game personally. It may piss me off to see my opponent hit a very late smothered shot in my grill but at least I know I’m playing the right way and 2K is just fucking me raw

I just have flashbacks of playing a guy who calls a screen and once they have an inch they jack up the shot… that’s my biggest fear

I don’t see it happen very often TBH. I think people rage and remember the ones that go in and don’t think about the other 100 that missed before it. I’ll certainly take the odd contested shot going in over Hedo and fucking AK47 pulling up form the logo with base 11. That was truly terrible.

Behind the back escapes and hop steps are problems I agree there. Paint defence could be buffed a bit, but I think people got to used to just standing in the paint hands up and getting 100% contests. That system to me was much worse. You could legit have 6 foots guys playing hands up in the paint getting 100% contest on 7 footers. It was terrible.